Converting DVD to iPad 3 h.264 mp4 and play DVD movies on new ipad

When you want to play the DVD movie on your beloved iPad 3, there will be a problem that there is no DVD drive in iPad 3. So where is a solution to help us playing DVD movie on iPad 3? iPad 3 supports 1080p mp4, so Aunsoft DVD to iPad 3 ripper can help you out on this matter to convert DVD to iPad 3 supported format.

It is very simple to complete the whole conversion with this good DVD to iPad 3 Converter.
Firstly you need sure that your PC could load the DVD disk. Download and install Aunsoft DVD Ripper software.

dvd to ipad 3 converter

Install and launch it, click the Load button to load the DVD into Aunsoft DVD movie to iPad 3 Converter, and then go to Format to select the iPad 3 option. For example: if you want keep the full HD movie from DVD to iPad 3, you can choose this iPad 3(New iPad) Full HD Video (*.mp4).

dvd to ipad 3 converter format

If you do not want to have a very big output size, you can just check the main movie for the DVD to iPad 3 conversion.

The last step is start to converting dvd to iPad 3 h.264 mp4 and a few minutes later, get the mp4 file on your iPad 3.

Is it very easy, correct?



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