How to enjoy and convert the TiVo video files on iPhone 6?

If you are worrying about how to enjoy the TiVo file on iPhone 5/6, here I will share with you a copy of good software which can help you out to convert tivo file to your iPhone 5/6.

Firstly you need to transfer the tivo file from Tivo Box to your PC or laptop with TiVo Desktop.
Then download and install Aunsoft TiVo to iPhone Video Converter.

TiVo to iPhone 6 Converter

After you launch the best Aunsoft iPhone Video Converter, load the tivo files in to it. Due to iPhone 6 is said that supports 1080p on a 4.0 Retina screen, and then you can go to Format option select iPhone 4S H.264 Full HD 1080P(*.mp4). This format is also suitable for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5.

TiVo to iPhone 6 Converter 1080p

If the default Output has not enough space to save the converted iPhone 6 video files, you can set the destination folder easily.

If you need simple editing functions like crop the video picture or trim some unwanted fragment, you can go to the Editing panel to complete it.

The last step is just click the Convert button to start TiVo to iPhone Conversion.

With high quality Aunsoft iPhone 6 TiVo Video Converter produces, you will be easier to enjoy video on your iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 5.

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